It's that time of year again! As soon as the weather warms up, time to bring out the razor and scissors and snip some of the fur off the cats. I've always been worried about Riley because he has so MUCH fur -- he has to be so warm and hot in the summer.

Isn't my Riley cat so handsome? Now that most of the fur has been removed, isn't he skinny? He's not fat after all! His long, thick fur just makes him look tubby.

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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  1. I have two cats – one has a double coat (hails from Siberia so guess evolved for cold cold winters and one that hails from the far east and has a very fine thin coat. The cat who thrives in all temperatures is the double coated one the density (it’s not long) of the coat insulating her from cold and heat the fine haired one shivers through our winter and hides under duvets in the summer she has no protection form the sunshine when outside. It is strange how they all evolved to suit their niches isn’t it. We had to clip our long haired jack Russel against the heat every year – and Old English Sheep Dogs when clipped look amazing

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