Around this time last year, I moaned how I felt too old to wear shorts and I was content to wear capri pants for the rest of my life during the spring and summer months. For some odd reason this year, I want to wear shorts. Nothing fancy — just plain cotton running shorts. And why I do have an overwhelming urge to wear pretty capri pants? I have no clue. I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight. If my dad’s scale is accurate, the stupid thing said I gained five pounds (on the bright side, it’s not 10 pounds). Not to mention, I don’t need to be a size 2 or 4 to find super cute shorts or capri pants.

However, I can’t wear shorts or pretty capri pants at this time. Two words. Shin spots. Google the words. I will spare you the photos of my shins — that and I’m too humiliated to show my shins to anyone but my husband. Anyway, I have shin spots that won’t go away because I’m diabetic. The better control I have over my blood sugar levels, the better the spots will heal. My dad also added that my skin has always had a tough time healing from scrapes and bug bites.

One day, I'm going to wear capri pants in public. And shorts too. Maybe. One day. Before the summer is over.

To make a long story short, I’ve had shin spots for almost a year now and just found the perfect remedy to stop itchiness. Mineral oil. Before my amazing sugar scrub in mineral oil, I lotioned my shins three to four times a day to reduce the itchiness. The lotion helped a bit, but the spots just weren’t getting any better. I also tried antibiotic gel and bandages, which also helped slightly heal the spots but didn’t help the itchiness at all.

For the longest time, I used a small jar of sugar scrub that I found a local discount store. Loved it. I loved the deep clean feeling every time I used it in the shower. But then the store stopped carrying the sugar scrub, and I have been without that deep clean feeling for almost a year. But then I found a similar sugar scrub at Bath and Body Works. The sugar granules are big (I can cope with that), and an oily base was left on my skin (which freaked me out during the first use). After some research online and reading the directions are the jar, a healthy amount of mineral oil is in the sugar scrub. The oil eventually dries, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Not to mention, the scent is just heavenly. Heavenly.

After the first use of the new sugar scrub, I noticed my legs weren’t immediately itchy. So, now with my newfound itch remedy and antibiotic gel and bandages, my legs have a chance at healing and I can wear shorts and capri pants. Maybe. For now, I’m relegated to wearing my new cotton shorts around the house. But I’m happy that my shins have a fighting chance to look normal again, and that makes me a very happy girl.  🙂

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