My sister, Becky, and I bought about 10 swim noodles for the houseboat trip. I was a little wary of the contraptions. I haven’t gone swimming in a very long time, and I have never used a swim noodle. I’ve seen children and other people use them, but I always thought, “Really? Aren’t noodles kind of useless?” I will admit that I was VERY VERY VERY wrong. Swim noodles are the best invention EVER! EVER!

I used a swim noodle every time I was in the lake. Floating around the lake with a swim noodle was so relaxing and amazing. I was very very surprised how much a swim noodle helped me keep afloat. My sisters were very well prepared for the trip. They brought swim noodles, kickboards, innertubes, sharks and whales, and my dad brought a rafty thing. We plenty of floatation devices to keep everyone afloat even if one noodle jumped ship during the initial drive. “We lost a noodle!” “Noodle overboard!” “Secure the noodles!”

And finally, I have to realize that I’m not 10 years old anymore. When I was younger, I could’ve ran around outside all day long in the sun and not get burned. My dad commented on this fact several times during my life. “She never burned. She just tanned.” Oh, how times have changed. Charlie ordered me several times during the trip to put on sunscreen, and I defiantly said no. I also said, “I don’t burn. I tan.”

In the end, I should’ve listened to my husband. I burned. My shoulders and my back were red when I stepped off the boat at the end of the trip. Not the worst burn in my life, but I still should’ve listened to Charlie. Why do I think I can still run around outside and not burn? I’m definitely not 10 anymore. On the plus side, my sunburn is developing into a very nice tan. So in the end, a win-win-win situation for everyone.

P.S. I lost a pair of gray shorts on the trip. The last time I saw them was when I was hanging them over either a chair or the boat railing to dry off. Some people with waterguns decided to target me and my shorts. “Look! Jenny had an accident!” Becky and Krissy, do either one of you have an unknown pair of gray shorts in your laundry? If so, the shorts are probably mine. Thank you.

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