Once upon a time, I had a billion white socks. A long time ago, my sister, Becky, gave me some great advice. She bought the same kind of socks (brand, style, etc.) to avoid pairing them together a load of laundry. All she did was throw her socks in a drawer and pulled out two when she needed them. Brilliant, eh? I thought so. So, I did the same thing. I bought four or five packages of the same white socks, and for years, I never had to pair them. I still love the system, but somehow my socks are disappearing.

Unfortunately, my place doesn’t have a washer or dryer, but a very nice laundromat is just right around the corner. I strongly suspect that little sock elves live in the big dryers of the laundromat. Four to five packages of white socks (about six pairs per package) should last about two to three weeks before I need to head to the laundromat. After a week and a half, I’m in need of more white socks. What gives? I think I’ve thrown some socks out due to normal wear and tear, and I understand that I probably lost a few here and there over the past few years. But does all of that add up to losing a dozen pairs?

Losing socks is a mystery to me. The issue isn’t my highest priority in my life, but it makes me wonder where in the world are my lost socks? Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone else believe in little sock elves? Or any other magical creature that loves snatching one sock at a time?

I did solve my lack-of-sock problem with buying new socks to avoid doing laundry once a week. Pretty easy fix. I just hope I can hang onto them a little longer because socks are expensive! When did socks become so expensive? During my search for knee-high socks, I scoped out the brands and prices of socks, and holy cow, some socks are priced ridiculously too high! I call shenanigans.  🙂

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