JULY: Speaking of forgetting nephews, I can’t forget Tate, who decided to enter the world a little earlier as well. Even though he received his birthday gift in time doesn’t mean I can slack this year with a late gift.

JULY <<PART 2>>: Use the Wii for 30 minutes once a week this month.

EPIC FAIL: Although I bought Tate’s birthday gift way before his birthday, I did not mail the gift in time for his birthday. I thought I could achieve that large task, but apparently, wrapping the gift and heading to the post office is too big of task for me. Yes, I’m a terrible aunt. On the bright side, I’m seeing the boys in a few days and I can give Tate his gift then! See?!? It all works out in the end.

The other epic fail is I haven’t even touched the Wii all this month. All I needed to do was use the Wii four times this month, and I couldn’t even accomplish that. I blame the really hot weather for making me lazy and want to stay in my air-conditioned place. July is just not my month. Blech. I should take a look at my August resolution.

Categories: 2011 Resolution: 12 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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