I've got my tiny little plant for $1 at Target. Let's see if I have a green thumb. A cute little ceramic pot, soil, instructions, and marigold seeds are my tools.

Per instructions, the soil needed about 3 tablespoons of water and fluffed with a fork (I used a q-tip because I didn't want to use any of my silverware as gardening tools). Then smish the marigold seeds into pot. Once again, I used a q-tip for the smishing part as I didn't want to get my fingers dirty.

Per instructions, plant five marigold seeds into pot and use the rest for my outside garden. Are the long strip things that look like burnt matches the seeds? I just need five for my plant? Are you sure? Why does the packet container a million seeds?

The perfect spot for the tiny little plant -- bathroom window sill. One of the problems of having plants in the house is my cats who love to knock over things and curiously sniff items. My little plant is safe and sound on the window sill in the bathroom.

Categories: Jennifer Elliott

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  1. my cats cant resist eating any pot plant that comes their way as well as knocking them over after checking that i can see them first!!!! good luck with the green thumb!

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