I can change my mind because I’m a woman — we have the right to change our minds whenever we want to. Anyway, I don’t know if I want a dog anymore. I still fall to pieces whenever I see someone walking their dog, but right now, I’m really leaning toward not adopting a dog. I still love the animals and think most dogs are adorable and cute. But I’m having second thoughts about adopting one when the time comes.

Aw, my dream dogs that I will never have.

Recently, I took care of one of my friend’s dog, Lexie — a beautiful black dog the size and build of a Golden Retriever and the fur of a Labrador. Lexie was a wonderful relaxed dog who loved to play fetch. However, our time outside was limited. One, the days were super hot and humid — no one should be out in that weather. Two, Lexie drooled a lot. After wrangling the ball out of her mouth to toss to her, the tennis ball was just drenched in her drool. Yuck.Lexie also did great during the one-hour trip to Rochester to visit my parents. My friend said Lexie loves car rides, and Lexie had no issue jumping into the back seat of my Vue. I was a little worried about her because she wouldn’t really sit still. She would sit a bit and look out the window. Or she would lay down on the seat for a minutes before deciding she wanted to sit again. But for the most part, she did really well and didn’t start whining until I was five minutes away from my parents’ place.

Aw, another dream dog (Great Dane) that I will never own.

My friend also reassured me that Lexie was great about going to the bathroom. When she needs to go potty, she will whine until someone lets her out. However, I was worried that Lexie would have an accident in my parents’ house — for the record, she didn’t. But I still kept a watchful eye on her. I didn’t feel comfortable letting Lexie out of my sight. Is that normal? As I was reading the newspaper, Lexie wandered off around the house and curiously sniffed the area. She was fine.

Lexie didn’t even get into an all-out brawl with my mom’s cat, Missy (a very evil cat). Missy doesn’t like anyone. She tolerates Mom up until a certain point. Missy terrorized my nephews when they were younger. At the time, I thought it was hilarious that Missy could corner a nephew and make him cry. I’m pretty sure my nephews didn’t find the humor in the situation at the time. Anyway, Missy was curious about Lexie and sniffed her out, and Lexie did the same thing — carefully sniffed the cat. No hissing. No scratching. No chasing. As long as Lexie didn’t attempt to play with Missy, Missy was fine with having a strange dog in the house.


In all, Lexie was a great dog. Taking care of her was a piece of cake. So, why did I feel like I needed to watch her every second? I was worried she would have an accident at my parents’ place or knock over some stuff — she didn’t. The only negative was she drooled on the floor whenever she laid down. My dad seemed to like her, and my mom was nonchalant about her. In fact, she never said Lexie’s name — just referred to her as “the dog.” When my dad and I went out to dinner later (my mom wasn’t feeling well), I was a little worried about leaving Lexie at home with my mom and Missy.

Lexie had gone potty before I left for dinner, but would she stay out of trouble if no one was watching or entertaining her? Do dogs need to be entertained? As much as I love dogs, I don’t have too much experience or knowledge. Does experience and knowledge come with time? Even if Lexie was my own dog, I think I would probably still worry about her because I don’t want her to cause trouble in other people’s homes. Anyway, everything was fine. I found my mom in bed, Missy sleeping by her side on the bed and Lexie sleeping on the floor below my mom’s side of the bed. Awwwwwww.

Even though Lexie was a great dog and everything went perfectly fine, the experience has made me ask myself: “Do I really want a dog?” Do I really want to walk a dog in 90 degree weather? Do I really want to clean up the poop? No, but I will when dogs pooh in public. Did I mention I have a weak gag reflex? How can I handle dog pooh? Cleaning a litterbox is a little different because usually the cat pooh is covered in litter, making it a less gross. Plus, I have a pooper scooper and a toilet is nearby if I ever need to hurl. Dogs need more care than cats. Do I want the responsibility of taking care of a dog? I guess I really don’t need to answer the question immediately because Charlie and I have no plans to buy a house in the near future. Once we have a house, then I can seriously think about the question: dog or no dog?

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