Phone #4: Palm Pre

I don’t miss my Palm Pre. No, that’s a lie — I kind of miss it. What I miss most about that phone is having numerous apps running at the same time and then just sliding my finger over the screen to find the one I want. I miss that little feature, but for the most part, I love my new phone. It’s pretty awesome. My new phone made me think of all the past cell phones I had over the last seven or eight years. I started with a cute little silver phone. At the time, I didn’t want anything fancy because I was new to the whole cell phone concept. As long as I could talk to people, I was fine.

Phone #2: The red phone

The finer details of the contract wasn’t completely lost on me (pay the bill and service continues), but I thought I would keep the silver phone forever. I really didn’t know too much about getting a new phone every two years, and how I ditched the silver phone for a shiny red one (phone #2) is a very, very vague memory. Deciding between the beautiful red phone and an amazing dark blue one is all I can really remember. One of my ex-boyfriends had the same exact phone, and I thought it was fate that we should be together. I’m not that stupid — I didn’t base our whole entire relationship on the phone. Now that I think about it, I still have that red phone — I found it while I was cleaning out some stuff.

After the beautiful red phone, I upgraded to a fancier phone — my blue Treo. I loved that phone. It was beautiful — with a keyboard below the screen and access to a calendar. I loved that phone so much. And I threw a nice little hissy fit for the lucky Sprint representative who called me about a week or two later after the purchase to find out if I’m still enjoying the Treo. Of course, I love my Treo — it’s amazing. However, I don’t love the $18 upgrade fee that was tacked on to my bill. My service plan changed to accommodate the upgrade, making it a bit more expensive, and now the company wants to punish me for upgrading my phone by handing out an $18 fee? No, I’m not very happy about that at all. In the end, the representative kindly took off the fee. Thank you.

Phone #3: My Treo

I loved my Treo so much that I had a hard parting with it after two years. Also, a representative pointed out that I could get a new phone every year due to my fancy contract. I don’t need a new phone every year — it takes me about a year to figure out the new phone and then another year to use all the features and apps. No, two years is just fine with me. Anyway, somehow Charlie had convinced me that I needed a new phone. I tried to convince him that my Treo was awesome and I didn’t need a new phone. If I was going to get another phone, it would be exactly like my amazing Treo.

Phone #5: My Evo Shift

Charlie and the Sprint salesman steered me away from similar Treo phones, using fancy jargon like “networking,” “capabilities,” or “smart phone.” I asked Charlie several times if I was smart enough to use a smart phone. He said I was smart enough to use a smart phone — what a smart man. What really bothered me about buying the Palm Pre was I was actually BUYING it. I’m pretty sure I was reimbursed for the first phone — I was a new customer eligible for a rebate. Wooooot! I love free things. The red phone was free after fulfilling my two-year contract. I think I may have paid $50 or something for the Treo, but it was worth every penny.

The Palm Pre cost me an extraordinary amount of money because it was brand spanking new. This phone was going to change the world — it didn’t. But I eventually fell in love with my Pre. As the salesman was transferring data from my precious Treo to the Pre, I was almost in tears and just ready to say: “No, stop! I’m going to keep my Treo.” Sad, I know, but I really loved that phone. It was simple and beautiful, and I really had no problems with it. Not that I can remember anyway.

Well, at least the Pre had a hard keyboard that I could pull out for texting or surfing the web. Not to mention, browsing the web was much easier on the Pre than my Treo (which I’m not entirely sure I could browse the web on my Treo). The Pre was small and lightweight and needed extra care due to the sensitive screen. In two previous posts, I mentioned that I lost two cases. The first one came with the phone and the second one I made (I was so proud of that case too and I still have no idea how I lost it). I had some minor issues with the phone, but Sprint generously took care of the issues.

LOST: My second case for the Palm Pre

Even though I was at the end of my two-year contract with the Pre, I was in no hurry to get another phone. I loved my Pre. I figured out how to work it. I really didn’t need another phone anytime soon. Charlie had other ideas. After reviewing a selection of phones, he showed me a nice free phone. Does it have a sliding keyboard? No? No thank you. Thanks to my Treo and Pre, I love love love love the sliding keyboard. I need a keyboard. I don’t want the touch screen keyboard — I just don’t think I will like it. It’s free, Charlie pointed out. It doesn’t have a sliding keyboard, I replied stubbornly.

My husband is amazing. After more searching, he found another version of the free phone with a SLIDING KEYBOARD! Yay! Thank you, honey! The Evo Shift is nice, and I don’t feel stupid using it. And this time around, I had no problem giving up the Pre. Goodbye, Pre. Hello, Evo Shift. I hope you and I have a beautiful relationship the next two years.  🙂

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