Some people say “everything happens for a reason.” Do you think this is true?

Yes. I also realize that sometimes the reason is not obvious and sometimes the reason may never be known. A majority of people are looking for a specific reason. “Why didn’t I get the promotion?” “Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?” “Why does my sister hate me?” A long, long time ago, I learned everything happens for a reason but I may never know the reason — and I’ve accepted that. As much as I believe the saying, I don’t depend on it. I don’t believe the saying will dramatically change my life or give me more control over a troubled situation. The saying makes me stop and think about the present issues, and then I move on.

I’ve also noticed that people tend to say “everything happens for a reason” during times of trouble or difficult situations. Does the statement make people feel better when they’re troubled? How does it make them feel better? How does it bring comfort? I thought about the statement a lot whenever I experienced heartache or some sort of boy troubles. If I didn’t like the obvious or clear-cut reason — “Um, I don’t like you.” “Uh, you’re too bossy.” “You’re fat.” — I think the saying gave me an excuse to avoid the truth. The truth hurts. Not to mention, the statement never made me stop overanalyzing boy issues. Nothing can really stop a woman from overanalyzing boy troubles.

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