If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?

The house is simple and quaint with a lovely pool! I would love love love to have a house with a pool.

A house. And let me describe my practical dream house: I need three to four bedrooms. Hmmmmmm. I could probably get by with three bedrooms. The big master bedroom would be for me and Charlie, of course. Because our house would be so awesome, many, many guests will spend the night in the second bedroom — a lovely guest bedroom decorated and kept clean by me. The third bedroom would either be a study for me and Charlie or a hobby room for both of us (I guess it depends on the size of the room). Although I haven’t used my hobby room in awhile, I loved working on various projects in there.

I would also need two bathrooms — one would be a full bathroom and the second could just contain a sink, toilet, and shower stall. I would also require a huge kitchen with an island block (is that the correct term?). Well, depending on the layout of the kitchen maybe an island block isn’t needed — but I need plenty of counter space when I’m cooking or baking (I love baking cookies!). As much as I love washing dishes by hand (it relaxes me), I would like to have a dishwasher. And a garbage disposal. Now, I kind of miss my old one-bedroom apartment — I loved it. I had a fireplace, a garage, garbage disposal, and a dishwasher. The washer and dryer for the apartment tenants were a couple of feet from my apartment. I miss that place. Too bad it wasn’t big enough for two adults and two cats.

This would be the set up for my movie room. I would replace the colors of the carpet and furniture.

Speaking of cats, I would like a basement for the litterboxes. No one needs to see my cats going potty and what they leave behind. Actually, if I had a house, I would buy the Cat Genie, an automatic litterbox that is hooked to a sewer line or something. I’ve seen the infomercials, where the cat goes potty and the Cat Genie flushes the stuff. I would probably do more research before I purchased the item (because it’s NOT cheap). All I remember from the infomercial was cat owners would never need to scoop again. Yay!

If I had my way (and the money), I would also like a movie room. Huge TV screen. Comfortable furniture that I could lay on — I like laying down and watching a movie. The movie room is part of my unrealistic dream house, which also would have a pool with a nice and big patio area for barbecues. A fire pit and barbecue grill would also be needed. For the sake of being unrealistic, let’s add an exercise room that will contain treadmills, ellipitcal machines, stationery bikes, and other equipment Charlie and I think we might need.

I love fish tanks. I could probably sit in front of one for hours.

What else do I want in my unrealistic dream home? Well, I can’t think of anything right now, but I know Charlie will want a fish tank (I approve). He will definitely be in charge of the fish tank, but I’m going to name all of the fish despite his objections. At that time, he and I will discuss adopting a dog. Right now, I’m still up in the air on the issue. However, Charlie and I will discuss the issue when we’re seriously hunting for a house. If we decide not to adopt a dog, then we will probably adopt a third cat. A win-win situation for me.

One of the most important items will be my very own washer and dryer! Yay! I love doing laundry. Yes, I’m weird. But I love having a closet full of clean and beautiful clothes. I honestly don’t mind doing laundry. I love sorting, folding, and hanging everything up. I believe I answered the question (If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?) in great length and details. I probably could’ve gone into more details, but I will spare you that boring information!  🙂

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