SEPTEMBER <<PART 2>>: Organize recipes books. I have new recipes laying all over my desk and kitchen area. I bought a new binder (thanks to the back-to-school sales) and page protectors for the recipe project. Now, I just need to find all the recipes I’ve saved and organize them in the new binder. I love being organized.

September resolution: complete. Look at this mess! The small recipe binder was jammed packed with new recipes. Both of my sisters have organized their recipes with a binder and sheet protectors. I decided to follow in their footsteps except my binder is AWWWWWWESOME!

I definitely turned the recipe project into a bigger project than it needed to be. My original plan was to buy a pack of decorated paper at a dollar store and then tape the recipes cards onto the paper. Simple but yet creative. But theeen, I realized I had a ton of scrapbook paper that hasn't been used in years.

One afternoon, I started cutting, piecing, and taping my scrapbook paper to fit the sheet protectors. Once the pages were completed, I started browsing through my recipes and taping them to the new pages. I love my new recipe binder! I can't wait to put more recipes in there and try forgotten recipes.

Categories: 2011 Resolution: 12 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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