I’m writing again. A miracle, I know. This year, I have felt the urge to write but I couldn’t make myself sit down and actually write. Too many distractions — and excuses — stood in my way. Surfing the web. Feeding my cats. Doing the dishes. Doing laundry. Vacuuming my apartment. Cleaning the litter boxes. So many ideas and characters constantly invade my mind and force me to write an outline. “Vodka Four” was released in December 2008, and I honestly didn’t believe I needed this much time to write my second book. I figured once I wrote one book, writing the rest of my story ideas would be easy. I was so so so so so wrong.

At the moment, I’m juggling a couple of projects. One, I’m in the process of writing a new book, which I will talk more about later in another post. Two, I plan to re-release “Vodka Four.” I’m researching how to make the book available as an ebook. Even though I might not be a big fan of the format, a ton of other people love it. I will always love the paper form of books, but I’m open to making my book available in different formats. I don’t have a timeline when “Vodka Four” will be re-released, but I hope the new book will be released in January 2012. I hope. If I work really, really, really hard, it could totally happen.

I should also point out that I am self publishing my books. I’m too impatient to go through the search process of finding an agent, another publishing company, etc. The chances of me finding an agent willing to accept new writers is slim to none. And slim just left the building. The publishing industry is hard — rightfully so. A million other writers have far more talent than I do and have better stories to tell. I’m honestly OK with self publishing my work because it’s another avenue for aspiring writers (me) to publish their work.

I’m not writing to make a ton of money (although the royalty checks are nice). I’m writing because I love to write. I love telling stories. I love creating characters. I want to tell a good story. And right now, self publishing is a good avenue to showcase my work. And if I head down the same road as J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer or Jennifer Weiner, I would totally OK with that. Millions of people reading my book or watching the adapted movie — yes, I believe I would OK with all of that.

For some reason, I’m ready to write again. Maybe I needed the time to hone my skills as a writer. For the past couple of years, I’ve been writing some amazing posts (please note the sarcasm) for my blog. The majority of the time, I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts and stories to whoever is reading my blog (thank you, readers, you’re amazing). When something happens (good or bad), I think, “I think that would make a good post on my blog.” And writing truly makes me happy. Blogging. Writing a book. I’m happy to have an outlet for my creative thinking.

When I started the blog, apparently it needed a name. I ended up with LIFE OF A WRITER because I couldn’t think of anything better. I blogged about everything except writing (well, writing here and there). To this day, I can’t think of a better name, but that’s OK. I’m ready to share more about my creative process and experiences and thoughts. I will still blog about other stuff in my life and post cute animal pictures because I want to share my thoughts and spread the happiness that adorable animal photos bring to me. Cute animal photos make people smile. I like making people smile.

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