I'm a nerd. And a perfectionist -- sort of. One day, I was flipping through my new recipe binder and realized I didn't like it that much. I still like the idea of a binder, sheet protecters, and pretty paper to contain my recipes, but I didn't like the results. I thought I did, but now, I don't.

CUTE NEW PAGES: So, I spent a weekend pulling out all the pages I didn't like and completely redecorating my pages. The first time around, my pages weren't cohesive and pretty (well, some were pretty). After flipping through the binder, I thought, "I could do better."

$2 UPGRADE: Through creative thinking and cutting, I reused the pages from the first round. I spent $2 on construction paper to add some solid colors to the project. Usually I work with acid-free pages, but I don't think construction paper will hurt either. Anyway, I'm on a budget and construction paper was a perfect fit.

MORE CUTE PAGES: I love the second result of my recipe binder. The pages are more cohesive, more simple, and still pretty. The perfectionist in me wanted something nice and pretty -- so, I didn't mind redecorating the pages.

Categories: 2011 Resolution: 12 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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