Do you have recurring dreams?

I have two recurring dreams that involve two past jobs — a copy editor at the local newspaper and a program assistant at a residential treatment facility. And I really don’t like these dreams at all. For some reason or another in my dream, I find myself joking around with my former co-workers at the paper. They give me some pages to work on, but my time management skills are nowhere. Nowhere. I continue to joke and do something else. I have no sense of deadline. Not to mention, I don’t know where to begin to paginate the pages. Everything I knew about designing pages for 12 years is totally out the window.

I realize I’m dreaming when I think about why I’m there in the first place. In my dream, I think, “How in the world did they rope me into working?” or “Why am I here?” Then I usually wake up from the dream — not a nightmare. Although I had a love-hate relationship with the job, I walked away with more knowledge and experience and co-workers I will never forget. I had more good experiences and memories than the less-than-stellar moments in that position. Plus, I would rather remember all the good stuff than the bad. The best memory? I met my husband at the paper. And I love telling the story of how I met my husband.

Anyway, working at the newspaper again is a recurring dream that kind of bothers me. Why does the dream recur? And why do I find myself in a sense of panic in my dream? I’ve never believed that dreams tell our future or fate or anything like that, but I often wondered if dreams mean anything. Do these dreams mean I miss the paper? Do I miss my co-workers? Do I miss the work? Is God trying to tell me something through my dreams?

The second recurring dream involves another job as a program assistant — probably one of my favorite positions. I left the position once my supervisor started to micromanage everything and refused to take responsibility. Not to mention, her computer skills were just terrible — terrible. She knew the basics of Microsoft Word, and anything beyond that she honestly didn’t comprehend the software or advanced features. I even had to teach her how to attach documents or files in an email — several times. Fortunately, she didn’t need to use her computer that much to do her job. She needed to read her emails and crank out the occasional memo to staff. I did all of the heavy lifting when it came to computers — merging, labeling, printing, etc.

The dreams about this position vary. Sometimes I’m a visitor chatting with my former co-workers and meeting the person who replaced me (and obviously, she’s not as awesome as I was). Other times, I’m back at the job, a little confused about the new process and organization of papers and files. Sometimes, I’m happy to be back to the job I once loved. But the majority of the time, I realize why I left the position in the first place — lack of organization among staff, miscommunication, etc. Sometimes the terrible supervisor is there, and she and I have words (I always win).

As I stated before, the dreams about my former jobs kind of bother me. Do they mean something? And why do I keep dreaming about them? Do I have some unresolved issues? I have no idea or clue. And I highly doubt the answers would change anything. Even though I’m blogging about the two dreams (which is the topic of the day) and I admit I’m kind of bothered, I’m not burdened. I don’t spend every waking moment thinking, “What do these dreams mean?” I have too many dreams and little time to dissect them all. Plus, I really don’t want an interpretation. As long my dreams are just dreams, then I can sleep soundly until Charlie pokes me in the side for snoring.  🙂

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