I’m always on the hunt for new shoes. And the following request is for purely selfish reasons: young girls need pretty platform shoes. Why? Because my amazing feet can fit in children’s shoes, and kids’ shoes are much cheaper then adult shoes. Although new shoes might not be in my budget, I can cut corners or bend a rule when it comes to children’s shoes. Who’s going to argue with me about buying a $15 (or less) pair of girls’ shoes compared to what I could spend on women’s shoes ($25 to $50).Whenever I wander into a retail store, I walk aimlessly through the shoes department, keeping an eye out for good clearances and sales. As much as I love my two pairs of Mary Janes, I want something that gives me another inch higher. No high heels are necessary because I really don’t feel comfortable walking around in them, but a nice low heel would be nice. Besides, young girls in high heels seem a little inappropriate. But a low heel is perfectly reasonable, right?

Anyway, whenever I wander through the girls’ shoe department, I’m happy to find some shoes that are reasonably priced and catch my eye. However, I don’t spot any girl shoes that will give them a reasonable amount of extra height. Some shoes have a very low heel, which is too low for me. I want a little more height, but not too much that says “I’m going street walking later tonight.” I want to find the shoe between the “street walker” level and the “this is my first day of kindergarten” shoes. Is there such a thing?

What young girl wouldn't love this shoe? It just screams "I'm young and pretty."

That is why I’m totally supporting young girls have the right to wear tastefully low heel shoes. Girls younger than 12 are not the only people wearing girls’ shoes. Some 30-something women have small feet and would like to buy inexpensive nice shoes for work or a nice dinner with her husband. Shoes covered with butterflies and hearts doesn’t exactly exclaim “I’m a mature adult” or “I’m a serious businesswoman.”

As I mentioned before, this request is for purely selfish reasons. I’m on a budget. I love pretty shoes. I completely understand that shoes designers and marketing people are aiming for the young girl generation with splashes of pink and purple; splatters of butterflies, rainbows, and hearts; and appropriate small, small heel. But I will ride this campaign until women shoes are the same prince — or even lower — than girls’ shoes. Completely reasonable, right?

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  1. How little are your feet? We have a bunch of really cute size 5/6 shoes in the consignment part of Dale’s (that would be down in the basement). I keep meaning to tell you, so I’m glad you blogged about it. šŸ™‚

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