SEPTEMBER: Clean out my car. Once upon a time, I kept my cars fairly clean. But for some reason, I’m unable to keep the Vue clean — I would like to blame Charlie but that’s not really valid. The last time I properly cleaned out the Vue was the day before our road trip to Missouri in June. The Vue hasn’t been cleaned since then.

COMPLETE: I would’ve taken a photo, but I didn’t have my phone on me. So, you will have to trust me that I cleaned the Vue. I had to clean it out anyway before my two-week trip to the Milwaukee area. And why am I in that dreaded area? Training for my new job. After two years working in a call center, change was needed and I accepted a job as a patient service representative for a dental office (which means the dental terminology I learned at the previous job won’t be lost). Basically, I will be manning the front desk at the office, checking patients in with my award-winning smile and charm and maintaining client files. I’m really excited about the new adventure. And the best part of the new job? My supervisor said I could wear scrubs to work! Woot!

Categories: 2011 Resolution: 12 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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