Agh! A little over three weeks ago, I started a new job and caught a lovely little cold. WEEK ONE: A sore throat was the first sign, and then fatigue and whatever else kicked in a day later. The night before I started week two of my job, I didn’t sleep well at all and ended up calling in sick. Lovely. But the people I work with were super understanding and knew a sick bug was floating around the offices. Thanks to daytime and nighttime medication, I only missed one day of work. The weekend gave me a chance to recuperate and take of Charlie who ended up catching whatever I had.

I also have to mention that cold bug that I caught diminished my superior word-playing skills with various friends and family members (my sisters) during Words with Friends games. During the first two weeks, I played miserably and ended up losing most of my games. WEEK TWO: I got up for work and then hurled empty contents in the shower. Lovely. Also, my body was yelling at me to go back to bed. Once again, the people I work with were super understanding regarding the bug. They understood the bug comes and goes. They also knew I wasn’t faking as coughed and blew my nose constantly throughout the day. Thankfully, sleeping until noon helped speed the recovery, and I returned to work the next day.

THREE WEEK (this week): I’m feeling better, but I’m still hawking up stuff and occasionally blowing my nose. May I mention that being sick sucks? And not feeling well for almost three weeks also sucks. I look forward to the day when I’m healthy again. However, if I caught the cold bug this early, does this mean I am going to catch it again later this season? If so, that is going to suuuuuuck. And poor, poor Charlie who is more than likely going to catch the second bug too.

On the plus side, I love my new job at a local dentist office. Even brighter news, I get to wear scrubs every day to work! Woot! How awesome and amazing is that? No more picking out fancy clothes in the morning. Now, I can throw on some scrubs and be done. No more deciding if a sweater matches another shirt or pair of pants. Scrubs. Love it.

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