I think this might post might be my first “When I was a kid … ” story. Working at a dental office made me think about my lovely dentristry experiences when I was younger. These days when a patient needs to have all four wisdom teeth extracted, the patient is sedated during the surgery. When I was a teenager and needed my four wisdom teeth extracted, I WAS NOT SEDATED! I think the doctor just numbed me and went to town on my wisdom teeth. I remember being miserable and holding a dental assistant’s hand during the entire process. So not fun.

I think if I had the choice, I would’ve like to be sedated during the process. Sleep peacefully while the doctor pulled out my teeth, and then wake up with no memory of what happened and feel some discomfort. When I was a kid, was sedation not an option? Did my parents’ insurance not cover sedation? Did my parents think I would handle the pain and skip sedation? I highly doubt my parents would remember that event if I confronted them. Sometimes my dad and I remember things a little differently with certain memories. I’m guessing he doesn’t remember the finer details of my extractions. But that’s OK — I came through the procedure with flying colors and have a great short story to tell.

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  1. I was sedated when I had all four wisdom teeth removed. I remember staggering to the recovery room and trying to read–though I don’t remember what I was reading anymore. 😉 This was either in late 1988 or 1989, though I think it was 1988.

    • My parents were too cheap for sedation. I had two wisdom teeth out one summer and two the next. The first two were easier. I knew what was going to happen the second time around. Unfortunately, I wasn’t knocked out or properly numbed during the second time, so I vividly remember the pain of having my teeth cut out and feeling all of it but not saying a word because I just wanted it done and over with. Yeah, good times. Not really.

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