This photo makes me smile every time I see it — at this point, the photo is just classic. When Becky posted the photo on her blog two years ago, I think everyone suggested she submit the photo to Awkward Family Photos web site. The photo was just perfect for the site. Camel. Crying baby. Scared Dad. All the perfect ingredients for the hilarious web site. When she submitted the photo to the site, the creators loved the photo so much that they asked her if they could use it in their first book. Of course, Becky said yes. The whole family couldn’t wait for the release of the book, which offered plenty of chuckles.

This year, the creators released an Awkward Family Photos game (Amazon customers rave about it, saying it’s a hilarious game to play), daily calendar, monthly calendar, and greeting cards. I want the daily calendar to cheer up the patients at work. So many people just dread going to dentist, why not give them a good laugh while waiting to be seated? Why yes, I am pretty brilliant. I love my job. Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the game box, discovering Becky’s picture on the side. I even shared my two degrees to the game with a bookstore employee. I proudly pointed at the picture on the game box and said that’s my nephew and brother-in-law. She seemed impressed.

If anyone has played the game, let me know if it’s fun or boring. I’m not sure I trust Amazon customers with their “rave” reviews. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the daily calendar! Bring on the new year! I’m ready to start the new year with laughter and smiles.

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