I love, love, love simple recipes that don’t require a thousand ingredients. Even some crockpot recipes call for 20 ingredients that I don’t have. If a recipe is simple and looks good, I’m going to try it out. With time on my hands, I’ve been able to test some new recipes that are going in my awesome cookbooks. I’ve been on the hunt for good crockpot recipes, and I found one. Crockpot potato soup. Mmmmmmm. Just the name of the recipe has my attention.

I think my sister, Krissy, found the recipe on Pinterest and tried it out with her family. After her high recommendations, I decided to test the recipe myself. Krissy was not wrong. One, the recipe is super easy. I didn’t need a million ingredients — just potatoes, chicken broth, garlic, onion, and some other ingredients that I can’t remember. With Charlie cleaning the potatoes and me dicing them and throwing them into the crockpot, we had the soup together in about 15 minutes and then ran out the door to run errands.

Bacon crumbles and shredded cheese top the super delicious crockpot potato soup. The new recipe is going in my cookbook binder.

Anyway, I thought the recipe was a success (probably could’ve used a few more potatoes). The soup was hearty and perfect for a cold winter day. I love using our crockpot and look forward to using it more. Oh, one more thing: please remind me to NEVER, EVER try cooking pasta in the crockpot. I’ve tried several pasta recipes and none have been successful. At this point, I just give up. I cannot make a successful pasta recipe in the crockpot. Please remind me of this when I blog about trying a new pasta recipe for the crockpot.

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