If you had your own restaurant, what would it be called? And what kind of food would your restaurant serve?

Hmmmmmmm. Let me think about the restaurant name first. I love pasta, but I wouldn’t want a super fancy restaurant. Casual dining with great Italian food — kind of like Olive Garden or Ciatti’s or Victoria’s. Wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks would be available. Instead of breadsticks, my restaurant would serve cheesy garlic bread — I found a simple recipe on Pinterest. Who can turn down the perfect combination of bread and cheese?

Oh, oh, oh, oh — I just named my restaurant in my mind! Jennifer’s Cafe! Hmmmm, I’m second guessing that now. Yeah, I’m taking back that name. Now that I think about my pretend restaurant, maybe I should take back the Italian theme. I’m diabetic, and pasta isn’t the greatest food for me. OK, I’m totally changing the name and theme. in my mind. If I’m not serving pasta, other foods do I like? Hmmmmmm. I’m thinking simple and satisfying. I’ve got it!

Soup, salads, and sandwiches! Once upon a time, I loved a local restaurant that offered an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that consisted of soup, salad bar, and sandwiches. I miss that restaurant (the owners closed it to expand and open a fancier restaurant). The food was good and I never left hungry. My pretend restaurant would serve soup, salads, and sandwiches and be a couple of steps above Quizno’s and Subway. The sandwiches would be served on fancy bread with your choice of three kinds of soups and nice side salad.

Cozy and quaint sit-down restaurant or cafe. How about Fairlane Cafe? Sunshine Cafe? If anyone has a better name for my fake restaurant, I would love to hear it. With a menu filled with delicious soups, sandwiches, and salads and a cute name, I think my little pretend restaurant would be a success!

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  1. many many years ago I used to dream of having an omlette cafe where sweet and savory omlettes from around the world would be dished up – fast food:)

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