Do you see it? The exclamation mark behind the blog title? I found the BEST purse in the world. Yes, the BEST purse in the whole entire world. One, it’s a cross-body purse. Perfect. Two, it’s black and black goes with everything (most everything). Three, it’s not ginormous. The size is perfect. Four, acceptable amount of pockets. Five, the purse was reasonably priced: $20. Why, yes, I would love to buy this perfect purse for a mere $20. Did I mention how much I love my new purse? The only person not sharing the love is Charlie.

Look! Look! THE BEST PURSE IN THE WORLD! Woot! This purse makes so incredibly happy. As a woman, I have the right to be completely enamored with a purse.

However, he has a good point on not loving my new purse. Because a weeks prior to finding the perfect purse, I bought another purse for $40. At the time, I really liked the purse because it was so different from my other purses. The almost-perfect purse was funky and just different. It was still a cross-body purse that wasn’t too small or too big. I also desperately wanted a new purse and was willing to spend a few extra dollars.

When I ditched my old purse for the almost-perfect purse, I found a few minor, minor flaws. One, the purse had no room for my small wallet. No biggie because the purse had two nice-sized pockets with zippers. I can adjust to this minor issue. Two, the middle pocket where I threw my change and dollar bills in wasn’t completely sewn in at the bottom, which would explain why coins would fall out of my closed purse. No problem — just throw the money in a more secure pocket of the purse.

The almost-perfect purse.

Three, the clasp at the front of the purse was heavy to insure no one could easily open my purse without my knowledge while it was still attached to my body. That aspect of the clasp is great, but sometimes the clasp fell open without my knowledge, showing the world the little amount of cash I carry and my debit cards. The snap clasps to hold the two bigger pockets together were too small and fell open, showing the middle pocket. If I hadn’t found the perfect purse, I probably would’ve made some minor alterations to the almost-perfect purse.

But then I found the perfect purse. For about five minutes, I debated about buying the perfect purse because I hadn’t even used my new purse for an entire month. My new and more expensive purse. Did I really need another purse? Did I really need another black purse? Charlie even pointed out that I had a similar black purse at home. However, that purse is bigger — with less pockets — and not nearly as cute as the perfect purse. For $20, I could afford the perfect purse because it will prevent me from buying another purse in the near future. Makes perfect sense, right? I think so.

And I absolutely love my new purse. It has three well-designed and essential pockets. My cell phone and car keys are easily slipped into the first open pocket when I’m not wearing a jacket. The phone and keys are easily accessible. The almost-perfect purse didn’t have an accessible pocket for my phone and keys. The second securely zipped pocket contains my money and cards. Once again, I have easy access but yet the pocket is secure. Gotta love it. And the third securely zipper pocket holds miscellaneous items, such as my chapstick, gum, pens, etc. Seriously, I found the perfect purse for me. Yay!

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  1. Just return the ‘almost’ one and buy the one you like more. Perfect purses come not too often. Grab it while you have it your sights!

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