I admire my sister, Becky — pssst, don’t tell her that, though. When I read one of her posts about dead farm animals, I thought, “I wouldn’t be able to live on a farm.” Whenever I think about country living or farm living, I think about the happiness and the positive aspects: playing and taking care of adopted animals in an open green and sunny field. Did I mention that all of the animals adore me? I ignore the negative: sick or dying animals, animal poop, etc.

If I had my way, I would totally adopt this cute little farm kitten from Becky's place. Isn't she adorable?

My sister isn’t cold hearted, but she doesn’t cry over farm animals. I would be a wreck. Seriously. This is the girl who has to name all of her pets, including goldfish. Whenever Becky posts pictures of cute little cow babies calves, I mentally name them. Whenever I visit the farm, I always attempt to pet the cows for some odd reason but the cows are smart enough to move away from me. While some people may think I’m crazy to take photos of ordinary cows, I love taking pictures of animals even if they’re not fuzzy. Did you not see my picture post of the Shedd Aquarium?

Once Becky and I picked out two kittens from her in-laws farm and transported them to her farm. At the time, I was a little upset with Becky’s dog, Calvin, because accidentally killed one of the kittens. He was so excited to play cats, especially kittens who don’t know better than to hang out with big, playful dogs. If my memory serves me correct, Becky and I named the kittens, Daisy and Annie. To prevent Calvin from accidentally killing Annie, Becky put her in a pet carrier and set her on top of some hay bales. Unfortunately, the extra effort was a waste of time because Annie died the next day. I was devastated. Becky carefully tossed her body in the woods behind the house.

Dear cows on Becky's farm, I would like to pet you as if you were a house pet. I'm not a mean person. I love animals. Although, I love cheeseburgers. Hmmmmmm.

Living in the country has crossed my mind a few times, and Charlie immediately says no whenever I ask about a hobby farm. But once I think about it, I’m not strong enough to have a hobby farm. If my farm animals started dying a weekly basis for some reason, I would be devastated. So, maybe having a hobby farm isn’t the best idea for me. I guess I’m just a city girl at heart because even if I live in the country, I would need to be near a city — to shop.

I may not be cut out for country or farm living, but I love visiting Becky whenever I have the chance. I love walking around the farm and becoming all googly-eyed at the cats or kittens following me around. Not to mention, I love her dogs that roam around the farm. They’re big, cute, furry, and just so friendly. I love them. I may enjoy visiting Becky’s farm, but I love my life in the city.

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