SUMMARY: Charlie and I met Krissy and the kids in Rochester, Minn., last week during spring break. Always great to hang out with my parents, Krissy, and the kids. ABOVE PHOTO: The dress Tova is wearing is a flower girl's dress that I wore many, many, many years ago. According to my parents, I was not a very good flower girl at the long ago wedding -- I kept swinging the skirt of the dress around and other obnoxious stuff.

Young Gavin and Charlie the dog (not my husband) sitting in Papa's study. I love Gavin's T-shirt -- it says READ. Not to mention, I absolutely love the Beech family dog, Charlie, who has to be one of the nicest and cuddliest dogs ever. She's so sweet.

The funny picture with Tova, Ethan, and Gavin. I love Gavin's politician face: "I want YOU to vote for me." However, he said he wanted to play in the NFL. I made him promise to have "Aunt Jenny needs luxury seats" in his NFL contract.

Ethan's creation from some stuff I can't remember (and don't know). Basically, he put together a motorized roller coaster in less than 24 hours. Pretty impressive.

Tova, Charlie, and Gavin taking a break from playing the Wii. Later, Gavin mentioned he didn't take a shower and wanted to know if he washed his face and borrowed his brother's deodorant the next morning if he could still ride with me and Charlie to Lark Toys. The kid never fails to make me smile.

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