Dad suggested spending an afternoon at Lark Toys just outside of Kellogg, Minn. I remember visiting the place a few times when I was younger. After wandering around the shop and the toy store, the family headed over the river to enjoy ice cream in Nelson, Wis. I'm glad Dad suggested the small road trip -- I had a great time.

Charlie and I hauled Gavin and Ethan in our Vue and talked about football and baseball. On the way to Lark Toys, we passed through Plainview, Minn., and pointed out some highlights -- the grocery store, the Lutheran playground and school, the spot of our former home -- to Charlie, Gavin, and Ethan.

Tova made sure that Krissy didn't leave her side at all during the carousel ride. I think Krissy wanted to hop on herself, but Tova wouldn't let her. The handmade carousel never fails to amaze me.

Gavin and Ethan take a ride on the carousel. The carousel runs every 30 minutes for kids of all ages (for $2). I was tempted to buy tickets for me and Charlie, but decided we might on a return trip.

I don't remember the Memory Lane part of Lark Toys. Then again, I don't remember the small little cafe, bookstore, and the real live llamas. I just remember buying a 99 cent puzzle toy -- where two bent nails are interlocked somehow but one could successfully pull the nails apart.

Tova told Krissy the cute little penguin looks lonely and she needed to bring the animal home. Nice try, Tova, nice try. Next time, tell your mom that you will love the penguin with all of your heart and fill your eyes with tears. That might actually work on Charlie.

Do you have $300 (or $250)? Do you have time on your hands? Would you like to piece together a 32000 piece puzzle? Any guesses on how long that would take to complete? I don't think Charlie and I would have the patient for the puzzle project.

Llamas! Real live llamas! I unsuccessfully tried to get one of the three llamas to wander over near the wooden fence so I could pet one. Aren't they just so cute and furry? I love them!

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  1. Oh, I had completely forgotten about Lark Toys. What a wondrous place with the hand-carved carousel animals. I need to get there with Joanna sometime. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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