After riding the carousel, wandering through the museum, and trying to canoodle with the llamas, we decided to hit the mini golf course. The day was absolutely perfect -- I couldn't have asked for better weather. ABOVE PHOTO: Tova and Gavin practice a few shots before the big game.

Woooooot! My one-in-hole at hole 5! In the end, Charlie still beat me by a few points, but my amazing one-hit helped close that gap. Did I mention how much I love mini golf even when I lose?

Gavin and Tova heading to find their balls, and Ethan patiently waiting for them to move. The course was nice and not too complicated. A few of the greens were a little tricky but nothing that made me swear in front of the kids. 🙂

Ethan proudly holding the course flag where he made his one-in-hole! Although Ethan and I were the only two to achieve that milestone, a few people almost had it (Charlie, Krissy, and Gavin) but not quite. Overall, everyone had a good time.

Remember when I said the course was pretty nice and not too complicated? In the middle of the course is a nice (but fake) rock formation with some waterfalls -- it was pretty cool to play through it.

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