What’s the most delicious meal you can get for less than $10?

I don’t know about the MOST delicious meal for less than $10, but I can think of 10 area places for good (and delicious) food for less than $10.

10. Two local Chinese lunch buffets. One is dangerously located about half a mile away from our place. Black pepper chicken, seafood bread, crab rangoons, and the seafood pasta are best items are on the buffet. Love it! The second is in Onalaska and has fabulous crab rangoons, mozzarella sticks, pot stickers, and honey chicken. I have no problem spending $7 for the lunch buffet at either place. Come to think of it, the dinner buffet is less than $10 before taxes.

9. La Crosse Family Restaurant. Anytime I go there, I either order the country skillet or the all-you-can-eat fish special. The country skillet — hashbrowns, biscuits, gravy, and over easy eggs — is amazing. For less than $10, I can have the country skillet, pancakes, and coffee. On a good night, the fish special is really good and satisfies my fish craving.

8. Piggy’s lunch buffet. Without ordering a pop, the amazing all-you-can-eat soup and salad buffet is a satisfying and delicious meal for less than $10. I love topping my healthy salad with gobs of creamy parmesan cheese dressing and bacon bits.

7. Don’t tell Charlie, but I love, love, love the Monster Burger from Hardee’s. I know I shouldn’t. I know the burger will one day kill me, but I can’t help it. Who can resist a gigantic hamburger decked with cheese, mayo, and bacon? All I need is the burger. No curly fries or anything extra. Just the burger completes me — I can’t help it.

6. Without any appetizers (crab rangoons, paper chicken, or pot stickers), Hunan Garden in Rochester, Minn., has the BEST sesame chicken I’ve ever had. Seriously. So delicious. Not to mention, I don’t even need the appetizers before the meal. Hmmmm, I think Charlie and I need to trek to Rochester soon.

5. Pizza Hut $10 special. I know exactly what I want. Large. Pan. Meat lovers. That’s all I need. Best. pizza. ever. So delicious.

4. Quiznos and Subway $5 special. Sure, the subs aren’t fancy or elegant, but when I need something light and somewhat healthy, I love Quiznos and Subway. On the back of my grocery receipts, Quiznos has a $5 coupon for a large sub anytime. A delicious sub of my choice for $5. Sounds good to me.

3. Train Station BBQ. Before taxes, I get delicious pulled pork, Texas toast, and choice of two sides. One of the best barbecue places I’ve ever been to. Love it. A great meal for $10.

2. Burrito House. A local restaurant that offers a limited menu — tacos, burrito, quesadilla, and something else I can’t remember — but the food is amazing. For $6, I can order a fantastic chicken cheese quesadilla. Delicious.

1. HuHot. I haven’t been there for awhile, but I think the lunch special is less than $10. And everyone should know how much I love HuHot. Not to mention, HuHot is coming to town and should open in April! I believe I’m the most excited person in the city about this development. I hope it’s open in time for my birthday. Woot!

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