I found the perfect way to salvage some old T-shirts! I love wearing T-shirts around the house when doing chores and stuff, but sometimes the shirt can be too warm during the warmer months. I found the perfect (and easy) solution on Pinterest — turn them into tanks! What a brilliant idea. I don’t like wearing my nicer tanks around the house when I’m cleaning, but a T-shirt tank would be perfect.

The process is actually super easy, and I love the end results. Please forgive me because I didn’t take a picture of all the steps. For a closer look, just visit crafterhours (witty title) for step-by-step instructions. You make five simple cuts. Sew two lines. Weave the straps through the shirt, and you’re done! Viola! How easy is that? I can’t wait to transform another T-shirt into a tank.

The T-shirt is still in good shape but too warm to wear during the summer.

About 15 minutes later, I'm done! Super easy. As soon as I snaked the straps through the shirt, I tried it on and had Charlie knot the straps. Love it!

Even better! Instead of knotting the straps every time I wear it, I made one continuous strap after some minor adjustments. Now, I can through the tank on instead of asking Charlie to knot it. Yay me!

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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