One of my birthdays, I decided to adopt a cat from the local humane society. Adopting my first cat, Calvin, was one of the best decisions ever. I still miss him. I love Riley and Clara with all my heart, but Calvin was just so affectionate and cuddly. He loved sleeping with me and sitting in my lap.

Riley is so cute and poofy. How can anyone resist this big fat orange furball of a cat? For some reason, he just loves cuddling up in an open suitcase. He always has. Leave a suitcase open, and Riley will find it and settle in -- with or without clothes inside.

Miss Clara likes to find hiding spaces for some reason. She usually likes to hid under things, kitchen table, futon, desks, etc. But lately, she's been brave enough to hop up on the futon ridge and sit by the window. Although she's still squirrely, she's cute and adorable, and I love her.

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