The first memory book for my mom (which I will talk about in a later post). She likes to read anything — books, magazines, signs, etc. To keep her occupied for short periods of time and sort of help her fading memory, I took posts and pictures from our blogs and made them look pretty in the memory books.

These decorated cards (inspired from my wedding guest book) came in very handy for the memory books for my parents. My scrapbook supplies took over the living room for a couple of months. The TV provided great background noise and minor distractions as I worked on the projects.

End result is a cute memory book filled with pictures and memories. I thought about using 12×12 scrapbooks, but I wanted something smaller and easier to manage. I know scrapbooks are available in smaller sizes, but completing memory books is easier and faster.

I didn’t want to just add photos to an album because Mom would just flip through them. By adding stories and pictures, she takes more time to read through the memory books. Not to mention, I love using my creativity in designing 4×6 cards for the photos and stories. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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