I kind of miss the days of playing Scrabble with friends and family crowded around a table. “Daaaad! Goooo! It’s your turn!” “Krissy, it’s your turn! Pay attention!” “Becky, put down the Scrabble dictionary and play!” Don’t get me wrong — I love playing Words with Friends on my phone with friends and family. Absolutely love it. But after 100 consecutive games, everyone is an expert and wants to win.

Remember the days of looking for an open letter like a T so you could spell QUIT or QUOTA or some word that needs a T. Now, you’re looking for a great place to spell your fabulous and fully spelled word. Open letters are a thing of the past. Two- and three-letter words will help you secure a victory. The words ZA, QI, and XI are good to know when you’re in a pinch. Also, MM, HM, OE, and AA are good words to remember.

Who knew FICE, LOAMS, or FEZ were words? Don’t want your opponent to take advantage of the open space near the triple word score? And what can you spell in that space with some crap letters? With Words with Friends, you have unlimited chances to rearrange your crap letters and submit possible words until the game deems the word acceptable. Who cares if you don’t know the meaning of the word? As long as YOU took advantage of the valuable spot or at least ruined it for your opponent.

I play the game every day. As expected, defeating Dad is always a victory because he’s so competitive and intelligent. He plays words I don’t understand. He and I play pretty tight games where we don’t leave too much open. I yell at Becky frequently for ruining an open space that I had big plans for. “WHY DO YOU RUIN EVERYTHING, BECKY?!?” Especially, when she spells tiny little words and I wanted to spell something big that used a Q or Z or J. I occasionally yell at Krissy, but for the most part, our games are pretty civil.

Lately though her kids, Ethan and Gavin, want to play a game and I have to remember to tone down the competitiveness and some naughty words. Not that I play a lot of naughty words anyway, but adding an S to the word HIT or a B to ITCH are pretty smart moves. Some of my favorite words are adding letters to a previous word. In one game, I spelled MONTH. Becky added L and Y for MONTHLY. Then I added TRI for TRIMONTHLY — I was kind of surprised the game accepted the addition. In another game, my friend, Kerri, played DOODLE. Just to be funny, I added BUG to the end of the word and the game accepted DOODLEBUG. Loved it.

Anyway, as much as I love playing Words with Friends, I sometimes miss the real board games. But I also love the convenience of playing the game on your phone when you’re bored at work or home.  🙂

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