I have an unbelievable amount of scarves — some crocheted, some from a store. I really have no good way to organize my scarves except just leaving them all over of the place. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a very simple solution that didn’t cost a ton of money (I love ideas that save me money).

The package of curtain rings contained 12 rings, and I clipped six rings on one hanger. Where the poop is the other hanger with the rest of the rings? I can’t find it anywhere!

All you need is a hanger and shower curtain rings that clip together. I found simple white clips at a dollar store and threw them on a hanger. I love the end result, and I only spent $1. Simple and inexpensive. What a perfect way to keep all my scarves together (and organized).

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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