Where do I even begin to express how much I dislike these photo albums that I made a long time ago? The shape and size are horrendous. The fabric is ugly. Argh! What was I thinking?

A long, long, long time ago, I decorated big and bulky photo albums for my mom. Now, I hate them. I spent the past couple of months reorganizing and transferring all of the family photos to new albums (Project 7). Just when I thought I completed the project, I discovered MORE ugly photo albums during a recent trip to my parents’ place. On the bright side, I bought a ton of new photo albums on clearance — 2 for $5! So, I bought all six albums that were display on the clearance shelf. I love good deals.

I’m not a big fan of hot pink and ugly designs — good thing I know how to cover the ugliness. 🙂 At 2 for $5, how could I not buy the ugly albums knowing I can make them pretty?

Although the photo albums were hot pink and super ugly, I had a plan. This time around buy some super cute fabric and cover the ugliness of the discounted albums. During previous trips to the craft store, I picked out all the prettier photo albums that were on sale for a limited time. Because I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I really want all of my parents’ photo albums to be about the same size and shape. I know they don’t really care about the consistency, but I CARE! Sadly, I probably would lose sleep over the issue — yes, I know that’s pretty sad.

Mom picked out the super cute owl fabric. For now, the owl-covered photo album is one of my favorites. I love, love, love the new albums. Goodbye, hot pink.

Fat quarters. Best. idea. ever! The person who thought of selling fat quarters — large single square of fabric — is a genius. I could easily spend $20 on fat quarters alone with the millions and millions of cute and lovely designs. I didn’t waste any time with the photo album makeover, finding some cute fabric and spending an evening in front of the TV while recovering the albums. The end results make me pretty happy.

A few more photo albums that I covered a few days ago. The train fabric, which I found in my material stash, will work for a photo album for one of the boys. And I picked up a cute wooden frog decoration and glued it to one of the albums. I really like the direction I’m taking.

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