My sister recently took her two sons and one daughter to the Field of Dreams site in Iowa. I’m a little jealous of their excursion — so I need to remember to go there sometime. I absolutely love, love, love the movie. Just a quick side note: In my younger years, my mom tested my pop culture knowledge after watching one of my other favorite movies, “The Cutting Edge” — (hockey player and figure skater fall in love). The figure skater’s two-second fiance looked really familiar to my mom who could not place the actor.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer her question right away — I also would like to remind everyone that this was in a time before the Internet and IMDB. A few days later, the answer hit me out of nowhere — the fiance had a few minutes of screen time at the end of “Field of Dreams.” He played the young version of Kevin Costner’s dad in the movie. Ta-da! Yes, I am filled with useless bits of information. I would like to think that my mom slept a little better at night after I told her the answer.

Anyway, Krissy’s boys — Ethan and Gavin — love the movie and the real-life site. Unfortunately, her daughter — Tova — did not like the little trip. And Krissy managed to capture the moment — love it!

My lovely niece, Tova, having a meltdown at the Field of Dreams site in Iowa (and my sister captured the moment to be held forever in time). I love this photo — I just think it’s hilarious.

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