Sometimes I wish all of my projects would magically complete themselves, and I can still take credit. I love my hobbies, but sometimes I lack the motivation to get started, which is always the hardest. But once I buckle down and get started, I’m in a zone. All of my craft supplies are usually organized around me, and I can spend hours working on a craft project. All I need is a TV. Is that sad? I can’t decide.

I don’t really watch TV — I like having it on for the background noise. When I was working on memory books for my parents a few months ago, I finished season one and completed season two of “Rizzoli & Isles.” Even though I was scrapbooking diligently, I paid attention to the episodes — I knew what was going on. Granted I had to rewind a scene or two if I felt I missed something important. Also, the marathon episodes of “NCIS” or “Criminal Minds” or “The Mentalist” keep me busy for hours.

Time really does fly when you’re half paying attention to the TV and decorating pages. When an hour-long episode is nearing the end, I can’t believe how fast the time passed. Just a few seconds ago, someone was murdered. And weren’t the good guys just chasing down a perp or running out of a building before a bomb exploded? I need TV to help me complete my projects. I recently used a Brewers game to a complete my grocery tote. My sewing machine was used during commercial breaks but stayed silent during the game.

I tried to work with music, and for some reason, it really doesn’t help me. Sure, I’m listening to my favorite music but time doesn’t pass as quickly. Maybe TV distracts me from time passing. All I know is TV motivates me to work on my projects. And I’m OK with that. Some people feel they accomplish more when they don’t turn on the TV. Sometimes I think I would accomplish more if I didn’t have the TV to distract me, but then I think about it again and I realize I really do need the TV. I love the marathon episodes of some procedural show that I really don’t pay attention to in the first place.

So I don’t quite know what I would do when Charlie finally pulls the plug on the TV. For the past few months, he has been threatening to end our cable service. I’m kind of OK with that plan, but I’m not 100% on board. I have plenty of DVDs that can provide background noise or distraction when I’m working on a project — so, I’m really not too concerned about that. And I don’t have too many “must see” TV shows. After being thoroughly disappointed with the season final of “How I Met Your Mother,” I’m boycotting the next season (which is another post).

The only “must see” show on my list is “Bunheads” on ABC Family. Welcome back, Amy Sherman Palladino. I’ve missed you soooooo much. I miss the quick witty banter. I miss the quick pop culture references. TV really isn’t the same without you. Although I’m not fond of the title, I’m glad you’re back. Anywhoodle, I think I can still catch “New Girl,” “Community,” and “30 Rock” without cable, right? Fox and NBC are basic channels, right?

What I can’t catch on basic cable is my Food Network and my Animal Planet. On occasion, Lifetime or some other cable channel will grab my attention for awhile. And in this day and age, the Internet has everything a girl could want. I could probably live without special cable, but the better question is: Do I WANT to? Pro: Cutting the service would save us some money. Con: I’m unable to watch my Food Network shows on Sunday nights. Do I want to live without “Chopped,” “The Next Food Network Star?” and — my personal favorite — “Worst Cooks in America.”

I left the next move up to Charlie. He knows I’m OK with cutting cable (I gave him my blessing), but I think he’s having some trouble letting go. Basic cable means he’s unable to watch the Brewers almost every night. But with the way the Brew Crew has been playing lately, he’s ready to give up on them. Whatever he decides, I will be OK. As long as he doesn’t throw the actual flat screen TV out, I will be fine. If he decides we don’t need a TV at all, then I will throw the world’s biggest hissy fit known to man.

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