Shhhh, don’t tell my dad but I stole one of his white t-shirts and turned it into a tank. My gray Door County t-shirt had seen better days so I decided to turn into it into a tank.

I love wearing my t-shirt tanks when the weather is hot. One, the tanks are very comfortable. Two, the tanks are easy to make. Three, the tanks keep me cool AND keep my arms open to the sun for tanning. Awesome! When I was recently in Rochester, I found a similar tutorial to sort of “class up” the t-shirt tank. However, I didn’t have a classy t-shirt so I secretly snatched one from my dad’s stockpile. I highly doubt he will miss the shirt until he reads this post.

This time around, I didn’t cut off the hem of the two shirts I picked — Dad’s white shirt and my gray Door County t-shirt. I just cut off the sleeves and then added decorative white rope ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby. The sewing machine was only used for the casings, leaving room for the robe ribbon stuff (I don’t know the technical term). After snaking the rope through the casings and adjusting the rope, I tightly knotted it and voila! I have two new tanks that I love.

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