Complete! All fired up. I love it! The bowl is so shiny and beautiful and makes me so happy. I am so incredibly happy that one of my friends recommended this paint shop — I have a new love and a new place to meet and catch up with friends.

What I love best about my bowl is the bright yellow inside — simple and bright. During a recent shopping excursion, I saw some Bottle Cap candy that I had to have! Perfect candy dish!

My fingerprint caterpillar — isn’t she adorable? Love it! See the baby caterpillar underneath? I made a tiny little boo boo and created the baby caterpillar to cover it.

During the store’s June Ladies Night Out, I painted a bowl for Charlie, who loves spiders. Because I find spiders creepy and ugly, I made the spiders as cute as possible. All of the spiders on the bowl are black except for one — I’m the red spider. 🙂 Once again, I used my fingerprint for the spider body and added legs, eyes, and a smiley face.

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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