I am impatiently waiting for the back-to-school extravaganza to begin any day now. During previous sales, I never really needed anything. Thanks to technology, I no longer need a million notebooks or pens. I have a ton of empty binders in my hobby area. So what do I need this year? Glue and an awesome Trapper Keeper. At the moment, I can’t think of anything else I need, but glue and a Trapper Keeper are at the top of my list.

I’ve been crafting a lot lately, using tacky glue and Elmer’s do-it-all glue. I just don’t believe I can have too much glue for all of my projects. I almost crapped my pants when I paid $8 for a gigantic bottle of Elmer’s for a current craft project. In retrospect, I probably didn’t need the gigantic bottle as I only used about one-fourth — maybe two-thirds — of the bottle. But the $8 price reminded me that stores practically give away glue at the back-to-school sales.

And why do I need a Trapper Keeper (which still exist)? For the longest time, I had a beautiful divider folder thingy made specifically to hold greeting card and had decorated pockets for each month. I loved that thing — it kept me organized and happy. But I had that thing for years and it was falling apart. Time to upgrade for a new and better one — enter Trapper Keeper or something similar.

I want a sturdy and zippered shell to protect the binder and the folders from damage. With my imagination and some good three-hole punched folders, I believe I would have a handy device to hold my greeting cards. On a small tangent, I hope greeting cards never go extinct because I believe a good card can cheer up anyone’s day. And when I have time, I love recycling the card covers into new ones.

Anyway, when does school begin again because I’m ready for the school sales to begin!

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