I want this shoe! Well, I want the matching pair, too, but I really love this shoe!

I love these shoes. I love them so much that I might break down and buy them despite two big issues I kind of have. The first issue: Am I willing to fork over $70 for these adorable pair of shoes? I’m racking my brain to remember the last time I spent more than $50 on a pair of shoes. My wedding shoes — glittered Crocs — were less than $10. The better question is: Are these shoes worth $70?

The second issue: I fell in love with the shoes when I spotted my sister, Becky, wearing them. Can two sisters wear the same patterned shoes? Granted, the chances of me and Becky wearing the shoes at the same time are low but still that possibility exists. I just love these shoes. Initially, I’ve been patiently waiting for the new Keen collection and hoping a super cute shoe will make me fall in love.

But the more I think about the shoes and look at the photo, the more I just want them despite the high price and that Becky has the same pair. Also, these shoes are perfect for me. One: the print will match almost anything I wear. Jeans. Khakis. Shorts. Two: The print is cute and unique. Three: I love, love, love the Mary Jane style. These shoes seem to be meant for me.

My other sister, Krissy, and her family absolutely love the brand, Keen. All of her kids have Keen sandals, and I think Krissy has more than one pair of Keen. The brand is comfortable and durable — if my two nephews and niece love them, do I need more proof or recommendations? Argh! Why do they shoes have to be so expensive and why am I in love with the same pair that Becky has?

Decision, decisions, decisions.

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