I want this shoe! Well, I want the other shoe too.

Sorry, beautiful shoes, but you have to wait. I even have Becky’s blessing and Krissy’s encouragement to buy the shoes, but I’m going to wait a bit. I found something way more important to spend $70 — hello, CONvergence. What the poop is CONvergence? A four-day convention in the Twin Cities that focuses on science fiction and fantasy stuff. Think Comic-Con but without comics. More science fiction and fantasy. Am I a big science fiction geek? I think so.

When I hear the words “science fiction,” I automatically think about “Star Trek” and all of those other science movies that end up confusing me. Any time travel story gives me a headache because I have a hard time following all the jumps in the straight timeline. But I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon (“Avengers” still the best movie ever until I watch it for a second time). “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” are two of my favorite shows. The web special “Dr. Horrible” was hilarious. Is Joss Whedon’s work considered science fiction? I guess so — I really don’t know. His work definitely falls into the fantasy category.

Anyway, my point — CONvergence 2013. Charlie and I hope to be there. His sister, Amanda, attended the convention this year and LOVED it. Not to mention, Charlie and I are little bitter after listening to her tell all about the amazing four-day event. One, one of Charlie’s favorite characters from “Dr. Who” was at the convention — some character called Ace. I’m not familiar with the character becaquse I started watching Dr. Who with the new doctor (Matt Smith) and have seen a handful of episodes with the previous doctor. So, Charlie was a little miffed that he missed his chance to meet Ace and hear her speak at the convention.

Two, I’m miffed because the theme of the 2012 convention was WONDER WOMAN! And other kick-ass female characters. WONDER WOMAN! No, Lynda Carter wasn’t there, but the theme was WONDER WOMAN! I’m so bummed that I didn’t know about CONvergence. If I had known, I so would’ve been there. I love kick-ass female characters. I would’ve loved, loved, loved the convention, which brings me to the 2013 CONvergence. The creators of Rifftrax — which Charlie loves — are scheduled to speak at the convention. Have you seen the Rifftrax of “Twilight” or “Breaking Dawn: Part 1?” No? Well, your abs missed a fantastic workout.

The attendance of the Rifftrax creators pretty much sealed the deal for Charlie. We haven’t bought our tickets yet, but I’m pretty sure we will be attending next year’s convention. So, instead of spending $70 on a new pair of shoes, the money will be used toward the 2013 CONvergence fund. Sorry, beautiful shoes, but my feet can wait unless I win the lottery or find a wad of hundred dollar bills (true story: one of my friends found a wad of hundred dollar bills).

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