My sister, Becky, makes these amazing hot oven sandwiches using buns, deli meat and cheese, and some butter mixture. The recipe is simple, and the results are delicious! The recipe is so simple that I knew the first step — arrange the buns, meat, and cheese in a baking pan. The second step is pouring the butter mixture over the sandwiches. Instead of using the butter mixture that my sister makes, which includes mustard, I used some other ingredients. Because Charlie’s not a big fan of mustard, I looked for some alternatives.

Using leftover hot dog buns, I cut off the ends and cut the buns in half to make cute little square buns.

Thanks to the web, I found some other recipes that offered a variety of other butter mixtures. I settled for: butter, garlic powder, worcestershire sauce, and dashes of other spices. Once my butter mixture is melted, I actually pour it over the cheese and meats — some recipes say to pour it over the top bun. Cover the dish with foil and throw the dish in the refrigerator to let the mixture marinate for at least half an hour (or more).

I ran out of leftover deli meat after three sandwiches. The rest will be a hot grilled cheese sandwich with my butter mixture.

Heat the oven to 350 degrees, and bake the sandwiches for about 20 minutes. Voila! Delicious hot sandwiches. I absolutely love this recipe. Enjoy!

I need to remember to spray the foil with an oil spray to avoid the melty cheese and sandwiches sticking to the foil.

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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