Cut-off jeans. When I was younger, making shorts out of an old pair of jeans was so easy. Make a cut an inch or two above the knee, and woot! I had a new pair of jean shorts. To avoid hemming, I simply rolled the cuffs a few times. Done. *sigh* I miss those days. For some reason, I never really liked leaving the edges ragged so I just rolled the cuffs.

I had a pair of jeans where the hem was getting scraggly, so I decided to turn them into cut-off jeans. I made a cut at an appropriate length and tried them on. I frowned and threw the jeans away. I kind of forget that those jeans were my skinny jeans, which meant no room to move as shorts. As skinny jeans, my butt looked fabulous and my figure was killed combined with the right blouse. As jean shorts, my thighs and hip area would be screaming, “Hello, world! How are you today?”

No skinny jeans. No problem. I found an old pair of Charlie’s jeans that he never wears anymore. The jeans are big and roomy in the thigh area. Fantastic. Hello, new jean shorts. Unfortunately, the jeans are a little too roomy. After making the initial cut at an appropriate length, it looked a little too long for. So, I kept cutting away at the length until the length was appropriate. From the front, I love the new pair of shorts — cute, simple, and roomy. From the back, I could easily be flashing my cheeks to the world.

According to Charlie, my bottom is safely hidden at a certain length and angle. If I pull the shorts up a bit or bend over in an unlady-like fashion, I’m flashing the world. As much as I would love to run around in jean shorts, I also don’t want to feel self conscious that I’m scarring young children with my flabby parts. I don’t want to be constantly pulling my shorts down to make sure everything is covered. *sigh* When did making cut-off shorts become so hard?

This was such an easier process when I was younger.

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