I think I found the perfect job. OK, the second perfect job. The perfect job would be staying at home to write all day long. But since I haven’t achieved that goal yet, I’m OK with settling for second best — for now. For months, I’ve been working with a temp agency that has been placing me with assignments for local businesses. A good friend of mine works there — not to mention, her co-workers feel I’m a great and experienced candidate (which is all true) — keeps me in mind when new assignments become available.

I absolutely love working for a temp agency. I don’t mind working for a company for a few months and then taking some time off to regroup or decompress or whatever. My last assignment was great — coding textbook files for the web. My supervisor was friendly and nice and simply gave me instructions on what to do and then left me alone to work. She had no problem answering any of my questions. I worked for days without seeing her sometimes. She left me alone in a former employee’s office where I sat at a computer, used my HTML cheatsheet, and listened to Kelly Clarkson singing about her scumbag of an ex-boyfriend.

The end goal is usually for a company to permanently hire the temp. I like the idea of working for a few months and wondering whether I want to stay there. If I had that sort of chance at the dental office, I would’ve been incredibly happy to leave at the end of the assignment and firmly say no to a permanent position. Anyway, I think I found the second perfect job — an office position at a local bank. I don’t deal with cranky customers. I don’t handle any money. I’m not on the phone all day. I’m not sitting at my desk for eight hours.

I work in the mortgage processing center as a residential loan opener. Is that too much information to share in a blog? After the loan officers and potential homeowners complete the initial paperwork, the loan officers hand the files over to me. I get to flip through all of the paperwork and organize them into proper sections in a big file folder. After ordering additional paperwork for the files, I hand them over to processors and dodge their stink eyes because I’m giving them more work. At this point, I don’t really know what the processors do with the files, and I’ll probably learn more as time passes.

From my description, my job sounds boring and tedious, but I absolutely love it. The job plays to my strengths — organization and efficiency. I love keeping files organized. I like flipping through the stacks of paper and sorting them into the proper sections. I cannot give a good explanation on why I love such a mundane task. I like being neat and organized. Every now and then, someone calls me to ask a question. I’m never stuck to my desk or computer screen for hours at a time because I have to run to the photocopier to grab important paperwork for the files.

I love this job. I’m such a nerd to get a big kick out of organizing paperwork.

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