MY SMOCKED SUNDRESS: I love it! As soon as I find a nice pair of black strappy sandals, I’m totally wearing this dress that I made by MYSELF! I have two smocked strappy tanks that I love wearing and decided I wanted a smocked sundress. This particular material was found on the clearance rack.

At various fabric stores, I’ve seen super cute and pretty pre-smocked material and thought to myself, “I wonder how easy it would be to make a dress out of that?” The answer: Not that hard.

Because the purchase was an impulse buy, I had no idea what my measurements were and asked for too much fabric. Oh well. I wanted to be safe not sorry. Oh the bright side, I had plenty of fabric to make straps and give a section to one of my sisters to make for their daughter.

The fabric itself was long enough for an ankle-length dress, but I’m short and sometimes long dresses make me look fat. Besides, I wanted something short and cute — like me. I cut off a huge section of the bottom to make my dress knee-length. After the cut, I pinned and hemmed the bottom.

After reading various blogs and instructions on how to sew a smocked dress, I tried my best to match up the elastic edges around the bust area. I didn’t succeed, but I don’t think the dress is ruined. If Charlie says I look beautiful in the dress, then I’m going to take his word. Two straps were made from the leftover fabric and completed my beautiful dress. I love it!

For my next smocked project will be the v-neck dress. I can make this, right? One, I love love love this type of v-neckline dresses. The smock waist camouflages my tummy, and the neckline shows off my boobs. This dress shouldn’t be too hard to make with pre-smocked fabric, right?

Categories: 2012 Resolution: 50 Projects, Jennifer Elliott

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