I really hate hot summer days. I really do. I’ve always been a warm-blooded person, which means I’m still hot and sweaty and gross during normal warm days while others are looking for sweaters or cardigans for warmth. I’m the girl who wears short-sleeve shirts to work during the middle of winter because the building is basically on fire to keep out the winter chill. So, when the weather was unbearably hot and gross the past few weeks, I’ve been miserable and gross. I decided enough was enough. I’m wearing dresses! Not to mention, one of Charlie’s cousin recently got married and I needed two dresses — one for the rehearsal dinner and the other for the ceremony.

So, one night I rummaged through my closet looking for all or any dresses. Dress too small? Heading to the Goodwill pile. Dress too long? No problem — throw it in the “I will hem it and it will be perfect” pile. Out of the six dresses I found stashed, I decided one was appropriate for the wedding and none of the other five were deemed acceptable for the rehearsal dinner. The one appropriate dress was a pleasant surprise — I totally forgot that I tossed it in my closet after finding it on a clearance rack sometime last year. What was more surprising was I looked so pretty and beautiful when I tried the dress on. I twirled around the house for hours — OK, maybe not hours.

The blue dress is now my go-to dress for special occasions. One, the dress flatters me and hides my tummy. Two, I like twirling in it. Three, the length is perfect! Not too short. Not too long. Perfect! How can I not love this dress? Not to mention, the dress is no longer tossed in my closet. It’s hanging beautifully in the front of my closet. Now more of my friends just need to get married or throw a fancy party so I can wear the dress more often.

Dress #3 and dress #5.

The quick rundown on why the other five dresses were not ready for the public. Little black dress 1: Too long. I could’ve worn it, but if I’m going to a LBD (little black dress), I want it to be cute. I don’t feel cute in long dresses. LBD 2: Needed a silver accessory belt thingy that I don’t own. I didn’t like the wide shoulder part of the dress and needed to figure out how to fix that. White summer dress (dress #3): Too long. However, I wore the dress to a summer wedding a few years ago, but once again, I felt the dress would be so much cuter (and make me cuter) if the length was shortened. Also, I gained one or two pounds between the summer wedding and today and the dress is a bit snug. Too snug for my tastes.

Ivory dress (dress #4): Too short. I actually had this dress professionally hemmed because I loved the dress so much. So pretty. So cute. Love it. Not sure what happened between the dress fitting and the hem, but the dress is a wee bit too short for me. I also refuse to toss it or donate it because I haven’t even worn the dress, which once again, I bought on clearance for $10. Love good deals. I just need to find the right idea to add inches to the hem length. One idea is a slip with a lace edge that peeks out a bit under the dress. And the dress is a wee bit snug.

Coral dress (dress #5): Too long and too warm. With all the different layers, I would be sweating bullets on a hot summer day. No thank you. Not to mention, I have to decide whether I want to tackle the hemming or have a professional do the job. Also, I should rethink that decision because maybe I should have at least one ankle-length dress among my many knee-length dresses. I can make my final decision when I try on the dress again. Also, the coral dress probably would’ve been too formal for the rehearsal dinner.

My new dress — only in a different color and pattern.

Six dresses. One is perfect. Do you know what this means? Hello, shopping! Woot! To make a long story short (I went to several stores looking for a dress), I found the perfect dress. Perfect length. Perfect price. Almost perfect shape — didn’t make me look too fat. I loved it. I love the dress so much that I bought several of them in different colors and patterns. I’m a firm believer in if you find a dress you love, you buy as many as your budget (or credit card) allows. Also, I found the perfect pair of sandals to match the coral and purple dresses! Kismet. Is that the correct usage of the word? Whatever. And I can dress up the solid colored dresses (or cover the cleavage) with a cute little scarf.

I love wearing my new dresses to work because the air conditioning system is not the greatest. In my previous post, did you see the dress I made? Unfortunately, I haven’t worn that dress because I’m unable to locate the perfect pair of black sandals. I’m smart enough to know that I can’t pair my white sandals with the black floral dress. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to wear dresses — probably when I was 6 or 7 years old. I’m hoping I can autumnize (I totally made that word up) the dress by adding my knee-high boots and heavier type of scarf. Sometimes, I am just brilliant.

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