When I was in high school, I met one of my friend’s parents for the first time. My friend, Britta (not her real name), and I spent a few hours at her house for some reason I can’t remember. Anyway, Britta told her parents that one of her friends was coming over for a few hours and they were like, “Sure. No big deal.”

When I arrived and met them for the first time, her parents were nice and welcome me into their home. After I left, Britta’s mom asked her, “Why didn’t you tell us she was Asian?”

Britta shrugged her shoulders (I’m imagining she shrugged her shoulders during the very short conversation): “I don’t know. I just didn’t think about it, I guess.”

I’m totally guessing that a short cute Korean girl wasn’t what Britta’s mother expected. In the end, my race didn’t matter to Britta or her parents — my ethnicity just surprised them.

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