Sorry for the lack of posts for about a month. I’ve been a little busy, but I have no problem recapping my life.

  • I still love my new job at the bank. The environment is busy but yet laidback. My hours are wonderfully flexible, where I can wander in at 8:14 am and no one has a problem with that. I’m not late, I’m 15 minutes early to start my 8:30 am day. For some reason that I can’t explain, I absolutely love running around with a ton of files in my arms. I love creating the file and working on them and then handing them off to other people and then picking them up from other people. I just absolutely love my job. Even the overtime doesn’t seem like overtime — if that makes any sense whatsoever. I love a job where I look at the clock at 2:17 pm and the next time I look, the clock reads 4:33 pm. Holy crap? Where the did the time go? And what have I accomplished?
  • When I’m not working, I’m either feebly cleaning the apartment or working on craft projects. At the moment, I have a strong desire to attempt to recycle some of my (and Charlie’s) clothes. Such as turning an old shirt into a skirt or something. Or adding a zipper to a pullover hoodie. Or finding the easiest and simple dress tutorial. I found one blogger who spent $1 a day on clothing at her local goodwill store and then turned the item into something amazing. For example, she fell in love with fabric from a  plus-size dress. She bought the dress and then refashioned it to fit her and tiny frame. Amazing. If I had the time and more advanced sewing skills, I would totally love doing that — I think.
  • Goodbye, extended basic cable. Shortly before the Olympics ended, Charlie cancelled our cable service. To my surprise, I really haven’t missed it — I miss the Food Network channel, though. Luckily, we receive some local channels in HD (which is a big thing, I guess). At least I’m able to watch some of the new fall TV shows (Go On and the New Normal are among my favorites). But for the most part, I’m OK with the cancelled service.
  • Hello, Thanksgiving. Usually, my sisters alternate hosting Thanksgiving at their places in Iowa or western Minnesota. This year, I decided Charlie and I would host Thanksgiving in Rochester at my parents’ place. Charlie and I have never hosted a Thanksgiving dinner before because our place is way too small to fit my large family or his family. Either way, the kids from either side of the family would freak out our cats. I’m pretty excited. Charlie decided he wants to make a ham, and to prevent my family from disowning him, I’m going to make turkey in a crockpot (which my sister said can be done). I’m pretty excited to be in charge of at least one Thanksgiving.
  • Right before school started for Charlie and his friends, we took a road trip to the Twin Cities to dine at a pizza place that was featured on the Food Network. The pizza with a sunnyside egg on top just hypnotized Charlie and his friends. Once there, we ended up ordering five different pizzas (they were pretty small) and were impressed. The Korean barbecue pizza was probably my favorite. For dinner, we dined at a Russian restaurant, where half of Charlie’s friends proceeded to order round after round after round of vodka shots (which was a specialty at the restaurant). For a bunch of engineer and computer majors, their math skills kind of suck when they saw the $400 bill. Tiny little shots doesn’t mean the price is tiny — $7 per shot. Each guy had about five to six shots. You can do the math.

Other than that, I don’t think I have anything new to report.  🙂  Until next time.

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