I’m talking to my blog — not you.  🙂  First, I have something super important to announce: I love, love, love, love my husband. He bought me a brand spanking new laptop. It’s so pretty and lovely and shiny. I am in love, but I still love my husband more. Right now, I’m figuring out the little quirks and differences from the monsterous computer and my cute little laptop. And what better way to explore these differences than start typing — more specifically — my blog.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts lately — I’ve been busy. I’ve known Charlie and I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year for a couple of months now, but now I’m sort of freaking out because Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! What!?! Seriously. I don’t think I really need to freak out because Charlie and I have the menu planned out. He will cook a ham, and I will throw some turkey breasts into a crockpot and call it a day. Well, not just quite. The green bean casserole that my mom made EVERY THANKSGIVING is on the menu, and I never knew how easy it was to make the dish. I plan to throw some potatoes in a crockpot for mashed potatoes. My sisters volunteered to take care of dessert!

I am still in love with my second-dream job at the bank. Even though I wander in at about 8:30ish, I try to get there before then (failing most of the time). Getting up early is not a picnic for me, but I suspect my snoring might be a hidden issue. Well, when I say hidden, I mean I don’t notice it. What I do notice is Charlie either nudging me with his elbow or patting my ribcage and telling to me to lay on my side. Apparently, sometimes Sleepy Jenn doesn’t like this and automatically drags herself to the futon in the living room. Then Normal Jenn realizes she must’ve been snoring super loudly when she finds herself on the futon.

What was I talking about before? Oh, my awesome job. Yes, still awesome. The department has been busy, busy, busy, which means overtime for me and others. I honestly don’t mind overtime, and luckily, my job is relatively low stress. What else have I been doing? Hmmmmmm. My sewing machine has been getting a fabulous workout lately. Right now, I’m obsessed with cute totes or bags. My fabric scrap stash has been getting smaller and smaller becoming cute little drawstring bags. I will post pictures later.

I’m almost done sewing all new pillowcases for me and Charlie, who recently bought a new pillow designed to help him sleep better or something. However, the pillow requires a king-size pillowcase. I was actually more than happy to sew new — and better — pillowcases. Between the two of us, we have four pillows and I tried very hard to have a pair of matching pillowcases. However, matching four pillowcases was difficult, and I just decided to buy one fabric pattern in three colors (dark brown, dark red, and purple). Add some accents and contrasting fabric, and I have some fantastic looking pillowcases that make me smile every time I look at them. The best part? I don’t care if two pillows are covered in the purple, one in dark brown, or one dark red — the pattern is the same and the colors compliment each other. I love it. Pictures will be posted later.

AND … I’m venturing into the world of DIY skirts. I made some alterations to one skirt until it made my approval. Once again, pictures will follow later. And I’m in the process of sewing my very first skirt. Well, technically, it’s not my very first skirt because I made a skirt or two years and years and years ago. I sewed a cute purple wrap skirt and wore it once to realize it was a little small for me. I looked great and everything, but I felt a little self conscious in it. I ended up making some alterations so it could fit one of my friends. She loved it. The second wrap skirt fit me much better, and I believe I wore it a couple of times. However, that skirt no longer remains in my wardrobe — probably because I didn’t like it anymore.

OK, readers, I’m tired and the time is a little late. I’m ready for bed. But I wanted to let you know that I am back! Yay! I can’t wait to share some pictures and stuff. Good night.

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