I heart Pinterest, a very lovely web site that offers a little of everything for everyone. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but I absolutely love it. With categories such as motorcycles, cars, photography, food and drinks, humor, who wouldn’t love Pineterest? That dumb “I can do that” attitude of mine is working overtime. Cute drawstring bags. A new way to hem pants. Photo ideas. Gift ideas. Craft projects. Tattoo ideas. Where do I even begin? Well, let’s start with a couple of neglected work pants that are long overdue for a good hem. I don’t know why I avoid hemming because once I get started, the process isn’t that bad and doesn’t take me too long.

On a side note: several people have asked me if I loathe shopping for jeans and pants. The answer is: no. Once I find a pair of pants or jeans that I like in my size, I try them on and make sure my butt looks good. As long as the pants fit me and my butt looks fantastic, I will buy them because I have every intention of hemming them. Unless the pants or jeans are capri style, I have to hem all pants — even the ones meant for petite people. I don’t mind hemming once I learned how to do it myself instead of paying $8 or $10 for someone else to do it.

Hello, pair of pants that I’ve avoided like the plague. I discovered a new hemming method, and I can’t wait to try it.

My normal way of hemming: try the pants on, mark the new length, cut off excess material, fold in new hem, sew new hem, try on pants again, and either swear at yourself for making the new length slightly too short or shout with glee that the new length is PERFECT! On Pinterest, I discovered a new and easier way to hem that keeps the original hem. What?!? Is that even possible? Why haven’t I discovered this method sooner? What the poop, people? Basically, roll the pant cuff up to the desired length and then sew as close to the original hem as possible. Cut off the excess material and fold the cuff back down — voila! The more detailed instructions involve pinning and ironing.

I tried this new method on the two pair of neglected pants (see photos). The jury is still out on the results of the lighter gray striped pants. I’m not sure if I like it. One, the original hem was a wide block. Two, the crease is apparent and detailed — not sure if I like that. I suppose if I iron the crease or whatever, the hem line wouldn’t be as obvious. But I’m lazy, and I don’t feel like hauling out my ironing board and iron to iron two measly pair of pants. I’m not sure if I will try the new hem method again — probably depends on the type of pants (jeans or work pants). And maybe I would like the end result much better once I iron the crease. Anyway, thanks to Pinterest, I have now know TWO ways to hem! Woot!

The left cuff shows the result of the new hemming method. The right cuff shows the fold and the new hem line near the original hem line.

Pinterest gives me all sorts of ideas to refashion clothes. Do you have a sweater that is too big? Make a few cuts and snips, add a button, and sew a few lines here and there and now you have a cozy little cardigan. What about your husband’s old work shirts? Make a cute little skirt. I went through two work shirts and one sweater before giving up in frustration. Charlie really didn’t want me to cut up one of his designer shirts even though he never wore it, but I insisted I could “easily” turn the shirt into a skirt. I’m such as a liar. I thought I knew what I was doing, but in the end, I didn’t. Oopsy. Maybe I will return to the shirt-skirt project later, but for now, I admit defeat and I’m OK with that.

So, I’m just giving you fair warning that I will use the word “Pinterest” frequently because I look at that site daily. Not to mention, I want to “bust” some of the pins such as a crazy good and easy crockpot chicken recipe (is it really good and easy) and oil pulling (google it). I think my favorite pin by far is the recommendation to make a whole bunch of meals and then freeze them. Too often, Charlie and I  throw a pizza or some frozen chicken strips in the oven and call it a day. I made my mom’s chicken enchilada recipe and froze that — results were amazing. I made a nice ham, hashbrown, and egg bake — results were delicious. I made a chicken and brown rice casserole — results not amazing. Apparently, simply heating the casserole dish with uncooked frozen rice DOES NOT cook the rice even after a few hours. Boo. Lesson learned. But wait … what if I used uncooked Minute Rice? Would that work? Hmmmmmm. To be continued.  🙂

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  1. I absolutely agree. My daughter introduced me to it and I thought Pinterest sounded like a really dumb idea, but once I tried it I fell in love with it. It’s also a very good place for writers and readers to hang out.

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