Charlie has me hooked on Torchlight II, a multiplayer game where my character runs around and shoots bad guys and bad animals. I don’t know too much about computer games if it isn’t backgammon, Plants vs. Zombies, or Tetris. I’ve watched Charlie play a few games on his computer over the years, but I really never thought too much about it. The games looked complicated and hard. One game in particular looked absolutely boring — shooting holes into walls and listening to an annoying voice. No thank you.

In the past, Charlie has mentioned that I might enjoy a couple of the games. I honestly thought I was too dumb for them because of all the different elements of the games — the characters, the spells, the weaponry, the pets, friends, etc. Not to mention, I was afraid my character would accidentally kill my allies a few dozen times. The last thing I want is Charlie yelling at my character (and me) to stop killing his far superior character. But I finally broke down and agreed to try Torchlight II. As soon as Charlie said, “You can pick your pet,” I was ready to play the game. Hello, kitty cat.

My character, Ayrene, is a mage (which is short for something I don’t remember). She carries two awesome wands that throws fire and ice at the evil enemy, and she’s wearing stupid boyshorts.

I love the game. I loved picking out my character and choosing her look — much like making a Mii on the Wii. And I chose a beautiful black panther — named Cleo — as my pet. I’m still learning about the game, but I feel I’m holding my own against the bad guys. Charlie is far superior than I am, which is fine, but at least my character cannot kill any of her allies. So yay! However, I had some minor issues with my character’s wardrobe. Whenever your character completes a quest or kills a bad guy, your character collects a ton of rewards from magic potions to amazing and enchanted clothes. Magical gloves. Rare and enchanted helmet. Sturdy boots and belts. You get the idea. Not to mention, you’re always looking to upgrade your wardrobe. The better the wardrobe, the better protected you stand against the bad guys.

Somehow, my character — Ayrene — ended up running around in boyshorts for a good portion of the game. Seriously? How are boyshorts going to help protect the enemy from throwing fire and other evil things at her legs? I don’t care how magical these boyshorts are, I want real pants on my character. Seriously. Other than the wardrobe issue, I love the game and look forward to playing more. Plus, I love my pet, Cleo — she’s so pretty and powerful. I also like pretending I’m a powerful sorceress or wizard or whatever, shooting my awesome wands at the bad guys. I feel pretty badass.  🙂

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